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3 Reasons Rustic Kitchens Are Here to Stay

Retro Style Kitchen
In home design, what's old is new again, which is why interior designers are heralding rustic farmhouse kitchens instead of the stark, overly updated varieties of yesteryear. In addition to giving people the chance to infuse some much-needed hominess, rustic kitchens are very versatile. You can easily incorporate different types of countertops, cabinet colors, and even lighting.
Here are three reasons rustic kitchens are here to stay and why you shouldn't shy away from creating a space that is uniquely you.   
1. More Personality
A few years ago, all-white kitchens were all the rage, with homeowners opting for whitewashed cabinets, bright white counters, and even porcelain sinks. Although these kitchens were popular because of their clean, minimalistic look, they also came along with a few serious downsides — including a sanitized, bland aesthetic.
Where all-white kitchens fail, rustic kitchens succeed. Instead of boring white surfaces, rustic kitchens are made to combine old and new to create a family space that is interesting, fun, and incredibly livable. Cabinets painted in fun colors like farmhouse blue, red, or even orange can make the eating area feel interesting, while traditional hewn wood tones make the space feel approachable.
A variety of countertop options work in rustic kitchens, including modern quartz and traditional granite. If you are looking for a rustic kitchen with a clean, timeless look, monochromatic white or light gray quartz can make your kitchen feel tidy. On the other hand, if you have opted for plainer cabinets in a more neutral palette, granite can give your space an earthy, natural feel.
2. Functional Finishes
Forget about making sure that every element of your kitchen matches; rustic kitchens are all about functional finishes that don't necessarily come from the same stockroom. From utilitarian apron-front sinks that make washing dishes easier, to pot fillers mounted right above your stove, rustic kitchens are just as easy to use as they are to enjoy.
Because farmhouse kitchens are typically a mix of new and old styles, functional additions like built-in cutting boards, larger ovens, and hanging pot racks look right at home. Oftentimes, homeowners even incorporate recycled items into their farmhouse spaces by repurposing industrial elements for light fixtures or old work tables to create additional seating areas.
If you crave function, try to select countertops that will meld with your farmhouse aesthetic, without cramping your daily routine. For instance, quartz counters are naturally stain resistant and never need to be sealed, which protects your kitchen surfaces from staining and bacterial contamination. Also, remember that even newer man-made products can meld with a farmhouse style, since products like quartz are fully customizable and available in a range of colors and grain patterns.
3. Simple Maintenance
Forget about warning your kiddos about smudging those all-white panels or worrying about scratching that gorgeous new kitchen faucet. Another reason people love rustic kitchens is the fact that they tend to be exceptionally low-maintenance, especially since repurposed items may have years of wear and tear lending to their patina.
Farmhouse style is all about relaxed, family-friendly finishes, so don't be nervous about a few scratches on the floor or a slightly chipped paint job. In fact, in many cases, a little wear and tear could even add to the personality of your space, making items look even more authentic.
Creating your dream kitchen starts with a single idea, so stop by our showroom to get those creative juices flowing. At The Countertop Place, we pride ourselves on allowing customers with the opportunity to pick the exact slabs that will be used in their homes, so there are no unhappy surprises on installation day. Contact us today to make your home stand out.