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3 Unique Stone Countertop Edge Styles You Should Consider

With a gleaming shine and a natural look, stone or quartz countertops have become the industry standard for many new home builds and remodeling projects. However, while most people opt for standard square or rounded bullnose edges, more options on the market exist than most people realize. Here are three unique stone countertop edge styles you should consider for your home and why.
1. Double Bevel
Sometimes, people think more about how their countertops will look instead of how they will feel, which can cause problems down the road. For instance, while many people love the appearance of squared countertop edges, this popular profile can make leaning your arms against the countertop hard to do, because the edge creates a friction point.
To remedy this problem, many homeowners opt for a simple beveled edge, which contains an extra angular cut taken out of the edge of the counter at a 45-degree angle. While this added bevel catches the light and creates a beautiful profile, your counters can become even more interesting if they contain a second bevel on the bottom, making the edges of your counters look a little like gemstones.
When counters are cut with a double bevel, they create an angular rounded look, which also helps to add some visual interest to the countertop area. Instead of being overly ornate, double beveled edges look sleek and modern without being boring.
As an added bonus, the second angular cut makes edges more comfortable from the bottom, which is helpful if you sit on barstools with your knees high at your counter. 
2. Rope Edge
If you prefer a more decorative look for your kitchen or bathroom areas, you might also think about ornate edge profiles, such as double ogee edges or a DuPont profile, which can make your counter edges look a little like crown molding. Unfortunately, many of these profile options are so popular that they won't make your home stand out, so another good choice is a rope edge.
Rope countertop edges are created with oblique cuts in the edges of your stone countertops, creating a beautiful repeating pattern that mimics a braided rope. While this design is one of the rarer countertop edge profile choices, it still creates a streamlined, classical appearance that melds well with a variety of home interiors.  
Like other counter profile options, rope edges are also customizable, giving homeowners an option to create a more intricate or simple appearance to their counters. Rope edges can also be left raw to create a more matte appearance or polished to bring out the shine and design of the profile, depending on your personal taste.
3. Chiseled  
One of the most charming things about natural stone and quartz counters is the fact that every slab is a little bit different, giving each surface its own personality. To really capitalize on this fact, some homeowners opt for natural chiseled counters, which contain rough, hewn edges instead of carefully milled and polished profiles.
Chiseled edge countertops, also called rock face or broken edge countertops, create a rustic appearance that shows off the natural variety in the countertop slab. Chiseled edges are often unpolished, creating a stark contrast between the slick surface of the stone and the unfinished profile of the countertop.
While chiseled edge countertops are beautiful, they can contain some sharp spots or edges that snag, so ask your fabricator to check for these issues during installation. However, since the edges are designed to look imperfect, making adjustments is quick and easy if a rough spot is discovered.
If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home with natural stone or quartz countertops, stop by and see us here at The Countertop Place. For over 18 years, we have been committed to helping home and business owners to create high-precision countertops that mesh with their unique design preferences.