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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops to Natural Stone

You've had the same kitchen countertops for so long you don't even remember when they were first installed. It's time for an upgrade, but you don't know if you should stick to the same linoleum or laminate countertops you have now or if you should upgrade to a natural stone, like granite or quartz.

Natural stone is your smartest investment option. Here are four reasons why upgrading your kitchen countertops to natural stone is your best choice.

1. Easier Countertop Maintenance
If you opt for a less-porous countertop design, such as quartz or granite, you invest in a countertop style that is easy to care for. Both granite and quartz are known for their longevity and durability, which means you deal with fewer scratches and cut marks. The right natural stone surface even prevents bacteria from embedding in your counter when you prepare food.

Most natural stone countertops can be left alone or sealed for greater protection. Discuss whether sealing your new countertops is best for you with your countertop installation expert.

2. Modern Kitchen Upgrade
Remodeling your entire kitchen can be expensive; the average kitchen remodel costs over $21,000. If you don't have this kind of money or don't feel it's worth it to make this hefty of an investment on just one part of your home, stick to upgrading the countertops only for a quick and beneficial upgrade.

Natural stone is popular in many homes because the stone is beautiful and elegant. You can easily give your kitchen a more modern appeal by selecting either quartz or granite countertops for your kitchen's design. Quartz in particular comes in a variety of hues and patterns to choose from to give your kitchen a custom design. Your countertop specialist will give you a quote for installation based on the type of natural stone material you choose.

3. Greater Home Value
If your main reasoning for upgrading your countertops to natural stone is to improve the resell value of your home, then opt for granite. Granite is popular among homeowners because the stone is easy to care for and improves a home value greatly.

A seamless countertop design adds further value to your home. The fewer seams in your counters, the less bacteria will gather in the countertop surfaces, creating a safer environment for food preparation and cooking.

4. Long-Lasting Investment
Investing in granite or quartz countertops is an investment that will last. Both materials will last for decades with regular care and maintenance. Granite is your pricier option with costs beginning at $2,000. Quartz is cheaper, beginning at around $1,500 to install.

Quartz is slightly more durable than granite is, so if you want a countertop that will last, consider this material over granite. While quartz is more durable, granite is 100% natural, cut, and polished stone. Quartz is manufactured from 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins.

There are pros and cons to both granite and quartz, so speak to your countertop specialist to compare the two materials together to see which one will work best for you.

Installing natural stone countertops is not a project you should do on your own, though you can save money on installation costs by removing your current countertops yourself. Choose a countertop specialist whose primary focus is natural stone designs and ask to see a portfolio of finished work before hiring any contractor to work on your home.

If you take care of your natural stone countertops correctly, expect your new counters to last for many decades. Our specialists at The Countertop Place will show you the types of stone we have available, as well as varying colors to best meet your design needs. Call us to schedule a consultation today.