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A Guide to Using Dark Stone Counters in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Countertop
These days, many homeowners are opting for lighter-colored countertops. But dark counters are far from out-of-style and can still be the hallmark feature of a gorgeous kitchen design. You just have to plan carefully and create balance with your color choices throughout the rest of the room. If you've fallen in love with the idea of dark countertops, here are a few tips to ensure your end result looks classy.
1. Look for a Pattern With Some Depth
Counters take up a significant portion of the space in your kitchen. As such, you want them to be interesting — not just flat, matte black. Look for a dark stone pattern with some depth and variation in color. Even a few flecks of a lighter gray or swirls of a deep brown add character to the counters.
Generally speaking, the larger your counter, the larger the pattern should be. So for a 400 square foot open kitchen, look for granite or quartz with some big, bold veins. For a smaller kitchen, look for a more subdued pattern with some flecks and micro-veins.
2. Create Balance Between Matte and Glossy Surfaces
Once you've chosen a dark stone pattern that you love, note whether it is matte or glossy. Then, aim to balance out the finish with the rest of your design choices. If your counter is very glossy, you may want to choose a matte finish for your cabinets and floors. If your counter is matte, play up the gloss on the cabinets and backsplash. Balancing the finishes keeps your dark counters from overwhelming the space.
3. Use Dark Grout in a Light Backsplash
Pairing a dark backsplash with a dark counter is often too much and will make the room feel closed-off. However, a completely light backsplash creates too much contrast with the counters. A good compromise is to use light tile and a dark grout for your backsplash.
Choose a grout color that closely matches the primary color in your dark counters. When your kitchen is complete, it will look like the counter color is being pulled up into the tile, which helps your backsplash and counters look like one unified element. Use the same concept if you have tile for your kitchen floors. Choose lighter tile and darker grout that matches the counters.
4. Bring More Natural Light Into Your Kitchen
To keep your dark counters from making the space feel gloomy, focus on bringing more natural light into your kitchen. Add a skylight to bring light in from above, or add a garden window above one of the counters. Another option is to add several windows to your backsplash area. They'll cast light directly onto your counters, creating an energetic glow.
Make sure you have plenty of overhead and task lighting in your kitchen, too. Use blue-toned bulbs for a more open, spacious look.
5. Choose Light-Colored Cabinets
Cabinets and counters go hand-in-hand, but the two should always stand out from one another. So with dark counters, you absolutely want to choose a light finish for your cabinets. Honey and maple finishes look nice if you like the appearance of wood cabinets. If you prefer painted cabinets, go with white or cream. To tie the look together, choose dark, oil-rubbed bronze or black hardware.
Dark-colored countertops can make for a stunning kitchen design, as long as you style the rest of the kitchen properly. If you're searching for the perfect, dark granite or quartz pattern for your kitchen, visit The Countertop Place. We provide counters, backsplashes, and more throughout the Wichita area, and we have numerous dark granite and quartz patterns for you to choose from.