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Renovating Your Kitchen? Granite Countertop Pros and Cons to Be Aware Of

granite countertops

Planning on renovating your kitchen? This project will give you the opportunity to add all of the customizations you have always dreamed of in your kitchen. One area that you will have many options is the countertops. Do you go with a solid surface like Corian or a natural stone like granite? Here are some pros and cons of granite countertops to be aware of.

Pro and Cons

There are a few areas where you can break down the benefits of using granite for your countertop.

Pro - Durability

Granite is one surface that you will not be able to scratch with your knives. You could actually cut directly on the granite surface if you needed to in a pinch. This material has incredible durability in comparison to other countertop surfaces that can easily become damaged.

Con - Knife Damage

While you can use granite countertops like a cutting board, doing so will cause your knives to become dull over time. A knife can always be sharpened, but the potential damage to your utensils is something to keep in mind. Some people decide to make a cutting board out of extra pieces of granite that are left over from the job, but they do not realize how much more damaging this material is to knives than wood.

Pro - Spill Resistance

You may have heard that granite countertops are spill resistant. Be aware that this is quite different than being spill proof. Granite surfaces are still capable of becoming stained under certain circumstances, which will require you to act quickly and wipe up a liquid soon after it comes in contact with the countertop.

Any liquid that would evaporate, such as water, may make the countertop dark after the liquid absorbs into the countertop. However, that water stain will go away once the water inside eventually evaporates.

Con - Stain Potential

Be aware that liquids that do not evaporate will cause a stain in the stone surface. This problem is more likely to occur with cooking oils that splashed on your counter or were not cleaned up after prep work. While there are tricks to getting out stains caused by butter or oils, such as using acetone or poultice, deep stains will be tough to remove.

Pro - Heat Resistance

One of the major benefits of using granite is that the material will not become damaged due to heat. While extreme temperatures could potentially cause a granite surface to crack due to thermal shock, your pots and pans will never get hot enough to do this from normal use with your stove. This means you can be a little more carefree about not using a trivet to set a pan on.

Con - Maintenance

The one downfall of using granite to rest hot items is that it can cause the sealant to wear down prematurely. That means you’ll have to replace the sealant more often over the years. The sealant acts as an additional barrier to protect the granite surface from stains, so while this coating is not necessary, it’s wise to reapply coats as necessary.

You can test a granite-surface sealant by dripping some water on it. A good sealant will allow the water to bead up on the surface, while a bad sealant causes the water to absorb into the surface.

Pro - Resale Value

While there are many things you can do to your home to bump up its resale value, one thing buyers will be sure to notice are granite countertops. This feature can easily increase the value of your home since it is one that many people desire. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, know that the cost of granite countertops is something that you can easily get back.

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