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Kitchen Countertop Services in Wichita and Hutchinson, KS

kitchen countertops Hutchinson, KS

Providing Top-Quality Products

Our expert team is dedicated to providing only the best selection of countertop styles, materials and suppliers. Whatever your project, we have the perfect interior features for your home.

Our Selection of Materials

The first step to getting a beautiful, resilient countertop is to choose the material that is optimal for your room. We have a large variety of choices such as travertine, limestone, marble and much more. Our design team will help you decide which type of counter is optimal for your living space. From beautiful, natural granite to durable, customizable quartz, we offer only the best for your home.

The Onyx Collection

If you want to remodel your bathroom with unique, custom features, look no further than The Onyx Collection. This top-rated supplier manufactures everything from stunning showers to dazzling vanities. Choose everything from the shape, size, color and much more.

Tyvarian Composites

A Tyvarian installation is a great investment for any bathroom. Tyvarian is an innovative manufacturer of bathroom surfaces that incorporate high-definition images into their structures. The image is then sealed onto a limestone matrix that is easy to install. This process provides endless design possibilities. Whether you want a custom pattern or the look of natural stone, Tyvarian has the perfect product for your space.

Tables and Plumbing Fixtures

Our extensive interior constructions make building and remodeling easy. Aside from countertops, we provide premade and custom tables for every part of your home. We also offer plumbing fixtures to complement and complete your sinks and counters. Simplify your shopping by getting everything you need in one place.

Custom Countertop Edging

After you’ve chosen your preferred countertop material, it’s time to select the perfect edge to complete your custom design. From the natural look of a chiseled edge to the class style of a double roundover, we have nine unique variations to select from.

Providing Top-Quality Products

We want to make this process as easy as possible. In addition to providing a broad range of quality countertops, we also offer affordable installations. Whether you want the natural elegance of marble or the innovative style of a Tyvarian construction, we offer the perfect products at the best rates.